V. Ravi Kumar Executive Director

Key Leadership Positions:

  • Investment Committee Member, Crescent Enterprises
  • Board Member, Crescent Group
  • Board Member, Clinical Pathology Services
  • Chair of Executive Committee, Crescent Aviation
  • Executive Director, Corporate Affairs & Business Services, Crescent Petroleum
  • Executive Committee Member, Crescent Petroleum

Ravi Kumar is responsible for managing Crescent Enterprises’ global office operations with innovative and effective common business services, including accounts, human resources and organisational development, information and communication technology, and supply chain management. He is also in charge of providing strategic direction and management oversight for the Company’s operations and investments, and is equally involved in business development activities.

Ravi initiated the development of the framework for defining the Company’s sustainability strategy and objectives, with a view to drive change and ensure that environmental health, social wellbeing and economic performance become embedded in the organisation’s strategy, operations and reporting.

As a Board Member of the Crescent Group, Ravi is responsible for overseeing all business services functions, playing a key role in establishing a corporate governance framework for the group and its key affiliated companies.

Prior to joining Crescent Petroleum in 1991, Ravi worked in the audit divisions of Ernst & Young in the UAE and A. F. Ferguson & Co. in India.

Ravi holds a Business of Commerce (Honours) degree from the University of Delhi. He is a Chartered Accountant and member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, London and the Institute of Cost Accountants, India.